Surrogacy Maternity Insurance Coverage Options

Comprehensive maternity insurance options that meet the needs of those embarking on a surrogacy journey. With over 80 years combined experience and over 20 years in the Assisted Reproductive Technology industry, our dedicated Client Success Advisors are knowledgeable about the different insurance options available on the market that best suit your needs.


  • ART Risk Solutions has placed over 8500 maternity insurance policies since 2010 for those in the ART community.
  • Quality over quantity always. Having a part in successful journeys with minimal financial exposure for our Intended Parents rather than a large number of unnecessary policies sold is always our chosen methodology.
  • Your guide throughout the journey to make certain the Gestational Carrier is well cared for with complete medical care.


Our service includes the broadest range of policy options over any other insurance agency with competitive rates and exceptional client service.


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the healthcare reform signed into legislation in 2010. Millions of Americans enroll in ACA-compliant health plans during the annual Open Enrollment period (OEP). Further, many Americans can enroll outside of

the OEP if they have a qualifying event such as a job loss, move to a new area, change in family size/status.

Short term medical insurance can provide a temporary solution to help fill gaps in coverage. Often used if the Gestational Carrier is:
  • Between jobs
  • Waiting for other coverage to begin
  • Without health insurance, outside of the OEP for an ACA policy

Maternity insurance typically written through the Lloyd's of London market for surrogacy. A variety of policies are available for different, individual needs including:

  • Policy used as Primary with no other insurance considered.
  • Policy written behind other insurance in the event the Primary policy does not work for the capacity intended.

  • Policy written to protect clients intending to try Cash Pay.
$12-$18K $2400
+ Standard Maternity Care Costs
$25-$35K Singleton
$40-$50K Twins

Each of the above policy options differ when considering all policy details, including but not limited to special enrollment periods, coverage for non-maternity care, network of providers, and dual policy friendly policies. Please schedule a consult with one of ART Risk’s Client Success Advisors to receive more detailed information about a specific policy and discuss which option best meets the essential needs for your specific journey. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION