Guiding Our Clients Throughout the Entire Journey

Definition of Guide: (noun) A person who advises or shows the way to others.

Our purpose is to guide you, our client, to ensure that each family involved is protected.  With regard to insurance, there is not always one path to travel, one policy option, or one decision to make.  ART Risk Solutions is committed to advising you about the choices and suggesting the coverage possibilities.

Throughout the journey, we are dedicated to answering your questions, providing information, and putting policies into place that protect your most precious asset: your family.


Embarking on a surrogacy journey involves many decisions at each step of the way. We realize insurance is only one piece of the puzzle in a successful journey, however, it is a distinct and important aspect of minimizing financial risks and making certain that the chosen insurance policies meet the contractual requirements with your Gestational Carrier. There is no reason to look elsewhere, we provide the insurance products and services at competitive rates that meet all parties’ needs.

We appreciate your knowledge and professionalism through the entire process. Your staff addressed all our phone inquiries and helped us track progress to resolving the problem in a very coordinated and effective manner.

Intended Parents from California


Insurance is not everyone’s passion like it is ours and frankly, we get it! There’s no need to spread your agency resources thin in covering the insurance aspects for your clients when you have a dependable partner like ART Risk Solutions. We work hand in hand with our agencies to provide the superior products and services your clients deserve. Should you have three Gestational Carriers or three hundred, we value each of our business partners equally and therefore, go above and beyond to exceed expectations on behalf of each of our agency, clinic, and egg bank clients.

ART Risk has been a wonderful resource for our staff. We use their services for our egg donor insurance as well as a variety of things for gestational carriers. Their staff is 110% committed to helping you and your clients.



Once you have decided to become a Gestational Carrier, you will encounter all the legal aspects that require assistance from a team of experts. Let the ART Risk team ensure you and the baby you are carrying, are well cared for. From quality medical care during the pregnancy, to insurance policies that ensure your family’s financial needs are taken care of should something catastrophic happen to you; insurance policies must be put into place to provide security. This is where partnering with ART Risk Solutions is vital. We know there is much to consider and countless decisions to make. Allow us to be your guide throughout the journey to make certain you are well cared for while you are helping others to build their family.

I have been very happy that ART Risk is here to help me with this journey. The staff has been very understanding and helpful with good communication and very fast responses. During my ACA application process it was very easy, fast, and understandable.


Professionals and Law Firms

We work with countless attorneys across the U.S. and overseas. We realize insurance is a specialized aspect of the legal contracts and, time and again, attorneys refer their clients to ART Risk Solutions to handle the insurance complexities. Collectively, they know we will care for their clients and provide them the services and products they need. They have the confidence in our services to “get the job done”.

I just want to say thank you so much. You guys have been so phenomenal and quick! I’m really happy to have such great people to support our amazing Surrogates!