Why ART Risk

Why ART Risk

ART Risk Solutions views each client interaction as an opportunity to provide answers and solutions, proving that we are the leader in insurance solutions for the ART community. It is always our mission to evaluate each unique situation, educate clients about their financial and insurance options, and empower clients with valuable information as well as offer guidance and support from our experienced team of brokers and customer service personnel. Our transparent approach and constant client commitment are keys to success in long-lasting client relations which is one of our highest priorities.

Over 150 Agencies

ART Risk Solutions works with over 150 agencies and law firms and over 250 Intended Parents across the globe. We are proud to serve so many growing families and over 85% of these are returning clients using our services again and again.

Over 1700 Insurance Reviews

Over 1700 Insurance Reviews are completed per year by ART Risk Solutions’ Insurance Verification department. With over 250 agencies, attorneys, and direct referrals utilizing this service yearly, our accuracy and recommendations speak for themselves.

1800 Policies

ART Risk Solutions puts 1800 Accidental Death (a Life Insurance alternative) policies in place per year. Given the simple application process and quick turn-around time, it’s not hard to see why.

300 Cases

Managing over 300 cases per year, our Claims department has seen maternity claims range from $16K-$750K for one journey. Because often the insurance companies aren’t billed properly, including Coordination of Benefits issues, clients find our Claims Management service extremely valuable in saving clients' time and financial resources. Over the course of a year, clients have been saved just shy of 1.5 million dollars.

2200 Gestational Carriers

ART Risk Solutions places over 2200 ACA and specialty maternity policies yearly. Since the 2014 inception of the landmark Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, ART Risk Solutions has placed over 6500 Gestational Carriers on Surrogate friendly ACA (Obama Care) policies.

2600 Egg Donor and Recipient Policies

On average, over 2600 Egg Donor and Recipient policies are put into place each year using ART Risk Solutions. This policy is one that limits the level of risk for the Intended Parent(s). Potential expenses related to the complications from the egg donor retrieval and embryo transfer can be run through this insurance.

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