Our daughter is gorgeous and keeps us elbow deep in diapers and bottles.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.  Thank you and your entire staff so much for helping problem solve the insurance premium lapse and finding our Gestational Carrier another policy so we could continue care uninterrupted and with peace of mind leading into delivery. We appreciate your knowledge and professionalism through the entire process- it was very evident. Your staff addressed all our phone inquiries and helped us track progress to resolving the problem in a very coordinated and effective manner.”

—R.S. and P.S., Intended Parents referring to a Specialty Maternity Insurance Plan


“ART Risk has been a blessing when it comes to our insurance needs.  Over the years, we have tried other companies, in addition to ART Risk, to help with our Gestational Carriers’ insurance. Whether it be a review to see if a policy covers, getting a policy, or securing an additional policy that is needed. Other companies may be a few dollars cheaper, but the quality is nowhere near what ART Risk provides. At our agency, we have decided to look no further than ART Risk because, you get what you pay for. We are happy with all the information brought to us through the webinars they do, as well as the time they get back with us. We have enjoyed every single person we have been in touch with. Each are very knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you, ART Risk, keep doing what you do.”

—Agency Owner


“I am the Gestational Carrier, and I am impressed with your professionalism and attention to obtain the plan suitable for me. I’m excited to begin the journey. Thank you for your help in providing me with the services I need to satisfy the expectations of the IP’s! By having the policy this allows me to stay healthy and obtain all the necessary vital medical check-ups necessary to grow and maintain a healthy pregnancy! I would recommend this service and your help to anyone needing assistance in this manner.”

M.C., Gestational Carrier referring to our ACA Policy Placement services