Affordable Care Act Policy Placement

Guiding you through the entire process of placing an ACA policy for your Gestational Carrier as you begin your journey. Your Client Success Advisor will initiate a phone consultation to understand your individual needs and then research ACA policy options that best fit. After you make a plan selection, your Client Success team will guide and support the Gestational Carrier through the process of applying for coverage and ensure that the policy is in place.


Since the 2014 inception of the landmark Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), ART Risk Solutions has placed close to 10,000 Gestational Carriers on Surrogate friendly ACA policies. With every policy ART Risk Solutions places, we stand beside you, our valued client, to ensure the Gestational Carrier is correctly enrolled in the policy of your choice.

  • 75% of our clients are limiting their financial exposure and time involved by utilizing the Blue or Green Service Plans.
  • Managing over 300 cases per year, our Client Success Specialists have seen maternity claims range from $18K-$750K for one journey. Because often the insurance companies aren’t billed properly due to Coordination of Benefits issues, clients find our Green Service Plan extremely valuable in saving time and financial resources. Over the course of a year, clients have saved just shy of 1.5M with ART Risk Solutions’ claims management services.