Donor and Recipient Complication Insurance

The Donor and Recipient Complication Insurance coverage limits potential expenses related to complications from the egg donor retrieval and embryo transfer.

With zero deductibles and policy limits ranging from $100K – $1M, the small premium paid for coverage can prevent personal risks of claims upwards of $150K.

Premiums range from $225-$550 with Additional Riders also offered, limiting the Intended Parent liability.

Simple application process with online applications is available. Policy is customarily active within 4-5 business days.

Loss of Reproductive Organs Additional Rider also available.


  • A policy that covers your contractual obligation.
  • A policy that reduces the out-of-pocket financial risks to the Intended Parent(s).
  • A policy preventing any lapse in coverage in the event of complications due to medications, egg retrieval, or embryo transfer.


ART Risk Solutions places over 7500 Donor and Recipient Complication policies each year. Your dedicated Client Success Advisor has the knowledge to answer all pertinent questions about this ancillary policy.