ART Risk Solutions is the insurance broker for two options of Donor and Recipient Complications Insurance.  The chart below explains the policy choices.  Please choose which option best suits your needs and click the APPLY NOW button to be directed to the online application.

IVF Cycle Complication Insurance Coverage®

Egg Donor and Recipient Complications Insurance


A program that contains the costs for Donors and Gestational Carriers during the IVF cycle away from the home clinic, achieving time savings and an average financial savings of 30% off retail costs.


A prescription savings program that offers instant savings for fertility medications on both brand name and generic prescription medication.

*Universal Family Insurance charges a $1 association fee, per application. This $1 fee is in addition to policy prices, taxes/fees. Association name is: Third Party Reproduction of America.

The effective date of the policy is the medication start date of the cycle for both policies. This policy is purchased per cycle.  Therefore, if another cycle commences within the coverage period, a new policy must be purchased. The policy covers complications that may arise from the medication, retrieval of egg(s) or transfer of the embryo (depending on the coverage selected).  Policy does not cover the actual medication or procedure costs.

If you have any questions or would like additional information on pricing/coverage, please contact Client Success Advisor (Ancillary Products) Chauncey Telese for a consultation at no charge:


Phone Number:  661-257-6242 (ext. 123)