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Children’s Books Explaining Surrogacy: Suitable for the Child/Children Born Through Surrogacy

We wrote this blogpost a couple years ago and have added a few more children’s books that have come recommended by trusted sources within the ART community.  This recommended list of children’s books is meant for a child born through surrogacy or siblings of children born through surrogacy. These books provide the answers to many

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Children’s Books Explaining Surrogacy: Suitable for Children of the Surrogate

If you are considering becoming a surrogate and want a way to explain to your own child/children the journey you are about to embark upon, here are a list of children’s books that do a great job of providing loving stories that educate children that there are many pathways to creating a family. Written by

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Are you a first time Intended Parent and feeling lost trying to understand the world of insurance? (Part Two)

Have no fear, ART Risk Solutions is here!  Continued from our prior blog post, “Top 5 Most Commonly Asked Questions for Intended Parents Whose Surrogate Already Has an Insurance Policy”, here we address the common questions for Intended Parents whose surrogate does not have insurance.  The insurance world can be one difficult to navigate unless

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