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Replaces income when the Surrogate is unable to work due to maternity complications, illness, or accident.


  • Definition: Short Term Disability is designed to replace income when unable to work due to an illness or accident.  Plans will have an elimination period after which a percentage of the Surrogate’s income will be paid for a designated period-of-time.  While not covering absences due to a routine pregnancy, this policy will cover due to an unexpected loss of work because of bedrest or other complications of pregnancy.


  • Protection for loss of wages due to complications of pregnancy.
  • Protection for loss of wages due to accident or illness during pregnancy.
  • 7 day elimination period only before percentage of Surrogate’s income will be paid out.
  • Policy must be placed during contract phase and before medications have been started.


  • Surrogate Short-Term Disability Insurance protects the Intended Parent(s) from being liable for loss of wages during the journey.  Customarily, loss of wages for the Surrogate due to pregnancy complications is part of the Intended Parents’ contractual obligation. Loss of wages could range from $10,000 – $30,000 and this would be a large financial risk for an Intended Parent to absorb.


  • EASE and RELIABILITY – An effective and efficient system in place to apply for coverage. 4-6 week turn around for insurance carrier to approve application.  A dedicated insurance broker for your Short-Term Disability application and claims (if needed).
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