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Cost containment and claims management program for Donors and Surrogates during the IVF cycle away from home clinics.


  • A unique way to contain the costs of claims management for Donors and Surrogates during the IVF cycle away from the home clinic.
  • Local Monitoring saves the Donor, Surrogate, and Intended Parent(s) time and financial resources by streamlining the processing and appointments. 


  • The program includes all necessary bloodwork and ultrasounds.
  • A dedicated staff of nurses and specialists who follow the Donors and Surrogates from start to finish ensuring they are enrolled and that all necessary parties are well-informed.
  • Communication to the local clinic, Donor, and Gestational Carrier to inform them of the process.
  • Negotiation of rates for all providers; review bills for claims accuracy and pay bills promptly.
  • Online portal for all necessary parties to monitor payment of bills and claims status 24/7.


  • TIME SAVINGS – We handle the logistics of monitoring for all appointment setting and claims, working with the Donor, Surrogate and IVF clinic, freeing you to concentrate on what you do best.
  • MONEY SAVINGS –We have national contracts with Quest and LabCorp, the largest labs of their kind, as well as a large network of providers, allowing costs to be controlled. There is a projected savings of up to 30% over retail provider costs.
  • INCREASES ACCURACY– We have a utilization review that helps ensure services billed were appropriate and provided.
  • BENEFITS MANY – Egg Donors, Surrogates, Egg Banking Clinics, IVF Clinics, and Surrogacy Agencies will benefit from this service. The time savings and cost containment far outweigh the initial administrative fees.


  • PARTNERSHIPS – ART Risk Financial & Insurance Solutions, Inc. is partnered with NES Assurance providing this program.This partnership involves over 30 years working in the ART community.  Their combined expertise, knowledge, and networking capabilities to provide the best possible experience and savings for the client is unparalleled.
  • ZERO WORRIES – A network of over 500,000 providers nationwide means we can always find a location for the Donor or Surrogate to be monitored.
  • PROVEN RESULTS – Over 2,750 successful cases completed to date with NO blown cycles. Local Monitoring has saved an agency over $1M in one calendar year. The agency was able to repurpose two employees to positions that were needed to increase profits.


*Local Monitoring program through NES Assurance brokered by ART Risk Financial & Insurance Solutions, Inc.