Local Monitoring

A program that contains the costs for Donors and Gestational Carriers during the IVF cycle away from the home clinic. The Local Monitoring service achieves time savings and an average financial savings of 30% off retail costs, saving all parties by streamlining the processing and appointments.


  • All necessary bloodwork and ultrasounds
  • A dedicated staff of nurses and specialists who follow the Donors and Gestational Carriers from start to finish ensuring they are enrolled and that all necessary parties are well-informed
  • Communication to the local clinic, Donor, and Gestational Carrier to inform them of the process
  • Negotiation of rates for all providers; review bills for claims accuracy and pay bills promptly
  • Online portal for all necessary parties to monitor payment of bills and claims status 24/7


Partnered with NES Assurance, together we have over 35 years expertise, knowledge, and networking capabilities in the ART community.