Cyber (Liability) Insurance

Used to protect businesses and individual users from Internet-based risks, and risks relating to information technology infrastructure and activities, the Cyber Liability policy protects businesses when internal computers are hacked or breached.


  • BUSINESS INTERRUPTION– If the computers are locked down for ransom and your business is out of commission for weeks, this policy assists with the need to pay salaries, utilities, lease agreements, and additional day-to-day expenses
  • IDENTITY THEFT – If a hacker steals the identity of clients using you or your business’s stored information
  • THEFT – If stored credit card information of customers or from the business itself are stored and hacked
  • MALWARE – If malicious software is used to erase critical files and data from your company’s servers



Only 2% of small business owners view a cyber-attack as a threat when in reality, HALF of the 28M small businesses in the United States have been breached.