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Children’s Books Explaining Surrogacy: Suitable for the Child/Children Born Through Surrogacy

We wrote this blogpost a couple years ago and have added a few more children’s books that have come recommended by trusted sources within the ART community.  This recommended list of children’s books is meant for a child born through surrogacy or siblings of children born through surrogacy. These books provide the answers to many

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“We’re still in the information gathering stage.” Helpful Resources to Navigate Through Your ART Journey

The Assisted Reproductive Technology field is vast and, frankly a bit overwhelming.  There are so many facets to it all: Invitro fertilization, egg preservation, surrogacy, embryo donation, frozen embryo transfer, financial and legal aspects for each step noted, and the list goes on.  Oftentimes when new clients call ART Risk to inquire about insurance and

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Children’s Books Explaining Surrogacy: Suitable for Children of the Surrogate

If you are considering becoming a surrogate and want a way to explain to your own child/children the journey you are about to embark upon, here are a list of children’s books that do a great job of providing loving stories that educate children that there are many pathways to creating a family. Written by

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