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Bridge the Gap


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The open enrollment period for individual health insurance has created a potential gap in coverage for gestational carriers.   The Universal Family Insurance Bridge the Gap plan was created to solve this problem.  This plan will give Intended Parents peace of mind knowing that they are covered should there be a major medical issue.  This plan allows intended parents to have the security of a Surrogate Maternity Contractual Liability Plan without the initial expense.


When a GAP plan is purchased a small amount $2000.00 for a singleton $5000.00 for twins is placed in escrow with Universal Family Insurance to be used for maternity related expenses.  The experts at NES Assurance will negotiate discounts with providers, paying the bills with the funds held by Universal Family.  At the time of Open Enrollment the insurance agents at ART Risk will work with Intended Parents and their gestational carriers to put into place a major medical plan to cover the balance of the pregnancy and the delivery when possible, creating seamless solution to the potential gap in coverage.


The Bridge the Gap plan is subject to the terms and conditions of the Universal Family Surrogate Maternity Contractual Liability Insurance Plan and may not be well suited for everyone.  Please contact ART Risk Solutions – or call us at 888.799.7077 for more information.