About Art Risk

Our Mission:

Evaluate, educate, and empower those in the ART community by building honest partnerships and sharing valuable knowledge
to create peace of mind for growing families during each of their unique journeys.

In 2001, ART Risk Solutions began as there was a need to provide knowledge and superior insurance products that allowed risk reduction for the Assisted Reproductive Technology community.  We understand not every agency, attorney, clinic, Intended Parent, or Surrogate has the same journey.  Our highest priority is to work hand in hand with each client to evaluate the risk, educate the client, and empower all individuals with the necessary information to make confident decisions and develop attainable strategies to best protect all parties involved.  We provide a straight forward approach with each of our clients and don’t believe in insuring beyond the necessity.  Our client satisfaction and referrals prove time and again that ART Risk Solutions is the only insurance expert you need for your ART journey, family, clients or business.

Our Team:

“Building a team of knowledgeable insurance brokers who have similar values in serving clients, as well as, a customer service staff specializing in each aspect of our client relations and product specifications have been the core of ART Risk Solutions’ continued growth” says CEO, Virginia Hart.  Providing quality services coupled with an unparalleled, diligent team of experts fostering long-lasting client relationships is the essence of true success.  Our ART Risk Solutions team is committed to treat each client with respect as well as provide the needed information and formulate the best insurance options to safeguard our clients’ most precious assets- their families.

Our Partnerships:

ART Risk Solutions, together with partners Universal Family Insurance, LLC and NES Assurance, provides the reproductive medical community with unprecedented strength in product customer service as well as financial risk and case management. Universal Family Insurance, teamed with Integro, and Lloyds of London (an A rated excellent financial strength and size XV, in-excess of two billion dollars), is the underwriting manager for specialty maternity products including medical health insurance, accidental death, loss of reproductive organs, and egg donor and recipient insurance policies. NES Assurance is the financial case manager and cost containment specialist who negotiates direct financial agreements with quality providers and administers costs and fees for both the IVF and maternity processes. By utilizing specialized knowledge and over forty years combined experience in the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) field, together we provide a unique methodology and dynamic business model to deliver exemplary insurance services that fulfills the needs of our clients.

ART Risk Financial & Insurance Solutions, Inc. is proud to support these outstanding organizations.