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Surrogate Maternity Contractual Liability Insurance Plan (SMCLIP)


  • SMCLIP primary policies from Universal Family Insurance protect Intended Parents by offering insurance coverage and administrative services for maternity and delivery medical expenses incurred by their Surrogate.
  • Traditional health insurance policies can contain exclusions of coverage for surrogacy and Assisted Reproductive Technology.
  • Intended Parents who choose a SMCLIP policy have the confidence that they are purchasing an insurance plan that is designed specifically to cover surrogacy medical expenses related to the maternity journey.
  • This plan is a suitable option for Intended Parents who want more provider flexibility and a policy written specifically for their surrogacy journey.


  • Secondary SMCLIP policies from Universal Family Insurance offer added protection to Intended Parents who have already obtained primary coverage for their Surrogate.
  • If activated, this plan offers all the benefits of Universal’s Primary SMCLIP options.
  • This policy comes at only a fraction of the cost of full SMCLIP plans unless activated.  Specifically designed to cover surrogacy related maternity medical expenses, Intended Parents can choose to activate back-up coverage in the event of the Surrogate’s primary insurance coverage denial. Or, if the Surrogate loses her primary coverage; the Secondary policy will be activated at which time policy agreed premium balance and self-insured retention amounts are required to be paid for policy activation.


  • Universal Family Insurance’s SMCLIP Reimbursement Stop Loss insurance policy offers Surrogate maternity medical expense coverage to Intended Parents that agree to negotiate and pay their Surrogate’s maternity medical expenses.
  • That designated level, the self-insured retention amount, does not need to be funded unless Intended Parents choose to activate the plan, at which point the balance of premium is owed.
  • This plan is an appropriate option for Intended Parents who are working with a Surrogate who does not have personal health insurance coverage for the planned Surrogate pregnancy and prefers to self-insure.


  • The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare/ACA) makes insurance coverage for surrogacy arrangements more manageable than ever. However, ACA insurance policies are only available for several months each year during the period-of-time known as Open Enrollment.
  • Bridge the Gap from Universal Family Insurance solves this problem.
  • These plans provide insurance during the time between enrollment periods. Once ACA coverage begins, the Bridge the Gap plan automatically converts into back-up coverage.
  • A Bridge the Gap plan, together with an ACA plan, can provide the most cost-effective surrogacy insurance option for Intended Parents.


  • SPECIFICALLY WRITTEN FOR SURROGACY – Not subject to ACA changes, extractions, or exclusions.
  • NO NETWORK OF PROVIDERS – No limit to specific networks of hospitals or physicians = more options to receive medical care.
  • NO COORDINATION OF BENEFITS – Always a primary payer when activated.


  • HIGH QUALITY CLIENT CARE – With over 500 SMCLIP policies placed in the past 3 years and a projection of 600 policies placed for 2019, ART Risk Solutions’ professionalism and quality service fulfills the needs of clients and provides exceptional client care.
  • SIMPLE APPROACH – Our approach is to ascertain therisk and then utilize the insurance and financial case management tools available to protect the risk. We work in partnership with you to develop strategies to best protect all parties involved.

For a complete explanation of the applicable coverage terms and conditions, please refer to the Lloyd’s of London policy certificate wording.  Terms and conditions subject to change, please contact your insurance broker for information.  Universal Family Insurance policies are brokered by ART Risk Financial & Insurance Solutions, Inc. and backed by Lloyd’s of London.