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Bridge the Gap | Surrogacy, ART Insurance

Bridge the Gap, a new product from Universal Family Insurance, offers affordable surrogacy insurance coverage with no restrictive enrollment periods.

By opening up insurance coverage to everyone, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) makes obtaining insurance coverage for surrogacy and assisted reproductive technology procedures easier and less expensive than ever. Any individual can purchase an ACA insurance plan that will cover maternity and delivery expenses, regardless of preexisting conditions, etc.

Here’s the problem: enrollment periods for ACA plans are limited. In 2015, they ended on February 15. For coverage in 2016, enrollment begins in October.

With Bridge the Gap, however, intended parents and surrogates can be sure they have coverage at any time during the year. With low deposit premiums and no enrollment periods, a  Bridge the Gap plan, together with an ACA insurance plan can provide one of the most cost effective insurance solutions for intended parents.